Cover Art
"7 Billion" Tide Electric Remix
"7 Billion" Dave Aude' Remix
"Close By"
"7 Billion"
"Is This a Thing" EP
"Mona Lisa" Acoustic
"You may well be pleased to learn the American boy band sound is alive and kicking in 2019, in pop/rock trio OBB....The best advice I can now give to you is to fill your boots with the dreamy harmonies of the song." - EQ Music Blog
"OBB’s “7 Billion” simply sounds and feels like a chart-worthy hit [with] its progressions, its patterns of melodic rhythm, along with its passion..."" - Elicit Magazine
"It’s the kind of song that makes you want to hop up and dance around your room or roll down the windows on a drive while belting out the lyrics. 'Foolish' is guaranteed to be your new favorite summer anthem just in time to wave goodbye to summer 2019." - Music Existence