Cover Art
School of Hard Drops Album
How You Feel Remix EP
Yeah Yeah
"Carib-infused vocals immediately engage you. You feel the beats pulsing with power. And the tracks are electro-kissed." - HuffPost Entertainment
"I’m the DJ and I compose the songs while Jvgg Spvrrow sings and writes all the lyrics — he’s from the French-speaking part of St. Martin but also speaks fluent English. We met in Paris two years ago at a music label where we worked. The mix of his hip hop and my electro dubstep made sparks right away, and we hope it offers audiences something unique. As for Jackie Jackson, meeting him was a turning point in my life and career, as we’re going to be working with his independent label. He’s a legend of world music and he recognizes my work, which is just amazing! He’s wants to make us evolve in our profession in the best way. He’s like a spiritual father, helping to bring us the means to access our dream. The mix of our two music styles has been a revelation for me. I feel, for the first time in my life, like we’re creating something really new through this project." - Lya Lewis for HuffPost
"an unconventional duo with a remarkably fresh sound" - Dark Beauty Magazine