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"Over You"
"Buddha (feat. Gary Clark Jr.)"
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"Macy Gray is, undoubtedly, an original. The kaleidoscopic musician has maintained her position as a soul-inspired fixture on the fringes of popular music, perpetually shifting, while remaining fundamentally herself." - Interview Magazine
"With stunning production and Gray at her most charismatic, [RUBY] is a showcase of an artist in her prime." - Atwood Magazine
"Her latest album, Ruby, is a dreamy jewel box of a record. It’s the kind of music you can listen to on repeat for days without its growing stale. Gray’s songs sound like they were born to be played under the stars." - Blurred Culture
"Macy Gray's RUBY is named for more than just a jewel: it describes her polish, passion and the rich, regal countenance she's absorbed since reclaiming her focus and artistry." - Soul Tracks
"‘Over You’ is a steal off the album, with swoon-worthy horns and a light hearted groove that puts you in her shoes. It’s a love song that swings like a party and dances with soul, and these visuals hit the perfect tone." - LADYGUNN